My Intrest


I have a passion for traveling and exploring. I am always ready for an adventure. Not only have I traveled extensively around south India, but I have had the opportunity to have experienced many interior forests as well. I used to fly very light in heart whenever I travel & I must admit, that I would be the HAPPIEST person in this world due to the travel opportunities which I've crossed.


I love to write, especially I write poems, novel & articles on different domains, different perspectives, etc., Imagination-that's what I have, Many days around the clock for 24+ hours I spend in my imaginative writting world. A 2 line poem/journal is a great way to start. There are many instances that I used to express myself through writing Poems, stories, Novels even screenplay writing also.


I enjoy being active, staying fit, feeling well, and not just being healthy but being strong enough to self defend myself. And thats where my Karate skill comes into place. I started learning karate when I was 15 years old. But still the same passion is with me & I am really fond of doing it.


I see a lot of people on television making nice food and wicked looking cakes. I would love to try new dishes always and I'm the favorite cook for all my friends whenever we go for outing & forest stays. Like to cook for people, from mediterrean to asian, and lots of desserts.


Warm rain, one of my favourites in strolling & I love to do it whenever I get free time.


I love being a part in politics and this passion in me always tends me to participate in all group discussions about politics. I'm happy to speak about politics anytime anywhere. Also I'm BIG follower of "AMMA" who is the FUTURE prime minister of India. I can spend days continously talking about Amma's achievements and her bold decisions.


Social welfare is my core responsbility towards the society. Currently I'm doing small helps whatever I can, I'm doing it for the needy people & whereever needed. Whoever wants to join hands with me, you are always welcome. Lets build a better society !!